There are two main ways to find resources of interest to you. One is to perform a search using simple search or advanced search. The other way is to browse by category.

In both cases, what you will obtain is a list of results, i.e. a list of resource descriptions (records) that have some of the characteristics you are looking for. At the top and the bottom of the results page, you can see the number of results found. A maximum of ten items is listed on each page of results. So if the page says “Results 1-10 of 143”, for example, this means you are seeing the first 10 results out of the total list of 143 items. To see each page of results, click on the page numbers shown, e.g. “1 2 3 4 5 … next> last>>“

Each item in the results list provides a short summary of the full resource record  for a digital resource. If an item appears on the results list, it means that that the full record satisfies at least one of the conditions you specified when you performed your search or your browsing.

The items on the results list each have the following information:

  • a title. Click this to see the full record

  • a thumbnail image (preview of the resource). Click this to go to the actual resource described in the full record

  • a summary. To see the whole summary, click “show more”.

  • (in some cases) a star rating expressing other users’ opinion about that resource.

  • buttons for saving the item as a bookmark, printing it, or sharing with users of popular social networking services like Facebook, Twitter, webmail, etc.


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