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    Hi everyone.

Thanks for trying the Share.TEC pilot platform. If you have any problems or want to ask a question, just post a message here.We'll be glad to help. Any comments and input you have to share will be very welcome.

    Enjoy Share.TEC! 

Jeff and the team


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Hi, there. I was wondering whether there is an option for inviting people in the different groups ? :)

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Hi Milena. For the moment there's no direct invitation function.  But if you see a comment in a group -  or attached to a resource description  -  from someone who you think could be interested in your group, then you can simply add a reply and tell them about your group. Hoope this helps, Jeff.

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Hi. I want to add a new group but I don't know how to do it . Can you help me? Thanks 

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Sure. Just click on the "New group" tab at the top of the GROUPS page, then follow the instructions. If you have any more problems just let me know. Hope this helps,Jeff


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